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Softwares and website development in Ajmer
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Softwares and website development in Ajmer
Softwares and website development in Ajmer
Softwares and website development in Ajmer
Hospital Managment software
This software is use With digital patient records, keeping track of your patients reports, prescriptions and bills. have never been simpler
Patient Appointment : can be made for every individual doctor working in your Clinic, Multiple appointments at same timing, detailed and Daily Schedulers, Blocking of Appointment Slots, Separate viewing of Morning and Evening Session, List of all appointments of a day,
List of all appointments of particular Patient, Scheduling Recall, Moving and copying appointments, View removed appointments, Open case paper from scheduler and visa versa.
Prescriptions & Instructions: Create masters to store routinely required Instructions and Prescription. Font selection facility available while giving Prescriptions and Instructions in the language of your patient’s choice
Personal Accounting: to maintain accounts even during your busy schedule, reports of 'Professional Income', reports of daily, monthly, yearly collection, maintain Cash-Book, Bank-Book, Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, and Profit & Loss Account, at any given moment, on your own.
Bills and Receipts: Bills & Receipts can be generated as you receive payment, generate you
Complaints, Diagnosis and Sittings: Date-wise Complaints, Diagnosis & Treatment Advised along with sittings/work done can be maintained.
Indoor Admission: Create Wards, Bed Types and Beds, Today’s Admission, Patient Status Report, Admission Register, Appointment For Operation, Operation Notes and Operation Register, Discharge Notes, Discharge Card, Discharge Register, Separate Register for every Operative Procedure, Treatment Notes for day to day record of treatment given while patient is admitted, Indoor Services Billing, Payment etc.
Softwares and website development in Ajmer
Gurukul Softwares
Softwares and website development in Ajmer