Communication Skill


Communication is the process o sharing information between two or more person. It involves the ability to listen understand and give the right message to another person . For Communication of toke place there must be a sender and receiver

Type of Communication

  • verbal Communication
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • visual Communication

Verbal Communication

Verbal Communication message is delivered using word. It is the most powerful and accurate tool for expressing and sharing ideas

Type of verbal Communication

  • oral Communication
  • written Communication

Non-Verbal Communication

In non-verbal Communication information is exchanged by using all other things excepts words its is the processing sending and receiving message without words . either spoken or written

Type of non-verbal Communication

  • Gestures expressions
  • Body language
  • Eye gaze

Visual Communication

Any method which relies on picture , illusions and graphies of sharing message is Visual Communication.

Type of Visual Communication

  • Power point presentation
  • Chart graphs
  • Black boards






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